Monthly Archives: July 2009

A Sure-Fire Way to Lose a Customer

Sometimes a salesperson can do everything right, but the company drops the ball – the product ships late, the pricing on the invoice is wrong, someone in customer service or accounting is rude on the phone – like that. Unquestionably, this can be one of the more frustrating experiences for a salesperson because the customer’s […]

Who Are the Most Successful Salespeople?

I am constantly harping on salespeople about the importance of good planning: from strategically planning their territory development to planning each and every sales call. While it is not too difficult to convince most salespeople of the value of planning, it seems that very few actually follow through. To me, this clearly illustrates the difference […]

A Universal Truth

The foundation of 1-on-1 Management™ is that critical employee development tasks like establishing expectations, creating career goals, and performance recognition (among many other things) are all done best one-on-one. I read an article this week by Carol Kinsey Goman, an executive coach and author who made this interesting observation: “In this fast-paced, techno-charged era of […]