Monthly Archives: August 2009

A Sure-Fire Way to Stifle Your Employees

In many circles, leadership is seen as stepping up and “getting things done.” Which, by the way, can be true, but in many circumstances is not such a good idea, because stepping in and doing the job for someone is a quick way to stifle learning and creativity. Effective leaders learn when to allow their […]

“Great Expectations” are Critical to Performance

Great Expectations. I’m certainly not much for the book. But, then again, I’m no English major. No one will confuse me with my Ph.D.-to-be daughter, the English Major Extraordinaire (I can’t even read her papers – way over my head.) My memory of Great Expectations was suffering through it in high school English class, which […]

Big Hat. No Cattle.

There is an old saying that real Texas cowboys use to describe an “urban” cowboy – the wannabe cowboy who looks the part but isn’t the real deal. They describe that guy this way: “Big hat. No cattle.” I think you get the idea; that guy wears the cool cowboy hat, but doesn’t do the […]