Monthly Archives: September 2009

Which Part of “Communication” Don’t You Understand?

How important is it for a manager to be an effective communicator in the workplace? The most recent data suggests that, for corporate recruiters looking to hire for management positions, communication skills rank at the top of the list of core competencies managers need in the workplace: Good communication skills outrank other core business competencies […]

Should Employee Engagement Even Be a Priority?

I recently read a Blog post entitled “Why Engagement May be the Best Management Voodoo Ever.” As I worked through the article, I also worked my way rapidly through a range of emotions – from curiosity to irritation to anger to defensiveness to understanding and, finally, back to curiosity. The author, Wally Bock, posits that […]

Three Strategies for Dealing with an Economic Downturn

When the media starts talking about an economic downturn, declining economic indicators, or, worse, a recession, businesses (and salespeople) discover an immediate rationale for their sub-par performance. Let customers actually start delaying buying decisions, purchasing less, or even canceling orders, and the excuses reach a fever pitch: “Nothing we can do about it, business has […]