Monthly Archives: October 2009

A Manager’s Biggest Priority is…

If you insist on doing everything, that is exactly what will happen, so quit whining about your employees’ lack of initiative. The team will likely suffer high turnover; employees will tell you they got a better offer, but they really just want to work for someone that will give them a chance to grow and develop. The team will not be innovative, because the “really good” ideas always come from you.

The Subtle Art of Follow-up

Here is an important question: What happens after you close a deal? In many cases you’ve worked for weeks or even months to secure a piece of business – a process that likely included several meetings, a number of presentations, and a host of follow-up calls before you finally hit the goal line and heard […]

How Effective Are You at Managing Performance?

News flash: In terms of workplace performance, employees aren’t all the same.  Yup…bet you had no idea. Of course, it would be nice if they were all the same – preferably awesome. Unfortunately, we have all seen the employee who has been with the company for ten years but really doesn’t have ten years experience, […]