Monthly Archives: February 2010

To Win in the Marketplace, Win First in the Workplace

Competition is fierce in consumer packaged goods (CPG), the industry sector that includes food and beverages, footwear and apparel, tobacco, and cleaning products (things that get used by consumers and replaced rather frequently). Product innovation is constant, space on store shelves is limited, and brand awareness is paramount. Even in a good economy, business in […]

Should You Create “Undercover Employees?”

“I would love to see the boss do my job!” Some employees are getting that chance. Undercover Boss, which debuts on February 7 after the Super Bowl, is the newest television show to join the onslaught of reality show programming. The idea is simple enough – take a corporate CEO and put him in one […]

Therapy for “Recovering” Salespeople

Many professionals (accountants, bankers, engineers, doctors, etc.) don’t want to sell. They don’t want to be called salespeople. The don’t want their names in the same sentence with selling. They don’t want anything to do with selling – period. Unfortunately, in the next breath they want to know how they can increase business, survive the […]