Monthly Archives: May 2010

How Bad Does Your Sales Presentation Suck?

Here’s the thing: the odds are really good that your sales presentation sucks. Please don’t be offended – I don’t mean that the presentation is not well thought out or you didn’t work hard on it. What I mean is that your prospects are not impressed, for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s just…well….plain […]

A Simple Leadership Template

“Leadership” and “simple” probably don’t go together very well in the same sentence. Who in their right mind would believe that leadership is simple? The challenge, however, is in training a new leader – where do you start? Take a quick peek at Amazon – one might start with one of over 60,000 books on […]

(Gross) Margins

A significant challenge facing sales managers is the sales rep that insists on cutting prices to gain business. Salespeople have no shortage of reasons (excuses?) for taking a little off the top, but my experience is that this problem is usually a sign of poor or undeveloped selling skills. A fair amount of salespeople fail […]