Monthly Archives: October 2011

3 Secrets to Becoming a Better Manager – Right Now

I think people would agree that becoming a great manager requires a certain amount of time. Very few people are thrust into a management position and then do it exactly right, avoiding the myriad of challenges and speed bumps that inevitably confront those who lead employees. No, it takes time to develop critical leadership skills. […]

Are Your People Rowing in the Same Direction?

It has become so commonplace that it almost seems like an odd week when I don’t have a bad experience at a restaurant. Surprisingly, it rarely has anything to do with the food. Usually, it’s poor service. Or indifference. Or both. Last weekend, my wife and I traveled to St. Louis to visit kids and […]

The Classic Symptom of a Bad Manager

At least two articles have crossed my path this past week that identify the signs of a “bad” manager. First, the American Management Association reprinted an article entitled,  “Seven Signs You May Be a Bad Manager,” and then the Wall Street Journal recently published, “Five Signs You’re a Bad Boss.” Twelve indicators that you’re not […]