Monthly Archives: December 2011

Tell Me What You Think (But Not Really)

Leadership experts believe that an effective leader should be open to dissent or differing opinions. Jim Collins, for example, said the following in Good to Great: “Leadership is about vision – but it is equally important to create a climate where truth is heard and brutal facts are confronted.” In other words, a good leader […]

When They Can’t Do Without You

Being needed is a good feeling – if you’re talking about personal relationships. But, if you’re the boss, it can create all kinds of problems.  Like 14-hour days, and unused vacation, and employee dependency.  When the troops can’t do without you life can get pretty complicated, and performance is necessarily going to suffer – either […]

Leadership Fatigue

Is there any doubt that leadership is exhausting? Dealing with constant deadlines. Changing priorities. Difficult personnel. And conflict – with employees, other managers, customers. In fact leadership means you’re always up. Always on stage. Always under scrutiny. Without question, the mental and emotional effort involved in leadership can be very tiring. As a leader, you’ve […]