1-on-1 Selling

Kelly Riggs - Vmax Performance GroupYou can become a high-performance salesperson or business development professional!

1-on-1 Selling™ was created by Kelly Riggs – author, speaker, and national award-winning salesperson. A salesperson who has spent over thirty years practicing the techniques and skills used by high-performance salespeople. Whether you’re a sales veteran or just getting started, the techniques and ideas presented in 1-on-1 Selling™ will dramatically impact your sales performance!

“Kelly Riggs knows how to captivate, educate and inspire an audience in the creation of a culture of excellence in sales. I have had the pleasure of attending his presentations at small company venues, professional organizations and large national conferences. He is a dynamic energetic and engaging speaker and his messages are timely and relevant to the specific audience. When I served as president of a marketing organization I sought Kelly out to speak at our national convention. He has since been asked back by our organization several times and is consistently ranked by attendees as one of the best speakers on marketing and sales in the country.”

Dana Birkes, VP of Business Development

1-on-1 Selling™ will teach you how to:

  • Identify and exploit your key competitive advantages
  • Get in front of the right customers and the right contacts
  • Significantly increase your effectiveness in front of a customer
  • Successfully defend your margins
  • Dramatically improve your time management
  • Create an effective territory and account development plan
  • Improve your sales communication skills
  • Increase your “batting average” and watch your revenue soar!

1-on-1 Selling™ is a step-by-step approach to selling that creates real and lasting results. Salespeople learn how to create a systematic sales process, a more dynamic sales presentation, an effective territory management system, and much more. The reality is that sales success is dependent on three things: your attitude, your selling skills, and your discipline. Every salesperson wants to make more money but very few are willing to learn and practice the skills that create consistent sales success.

For the salesperson with the right attitude and the right discipline, the only thing missing is the right training – 1-on-1 Selling™ training!

“During our last meeting with the partners, [I was] asked what we gained from working with you. It gave me great pleasure to report that three months ago we had about $400K in proposals out. Today we have over $1 million. We are working smarter and December’s profitability is proof that we are focused and INTENTIONAL in what we are doing. I don’t believe the things happening are by accident. We were going down a very bad path and you have helped us begin to turn the corner. I just wanted to say thank you.”

B. Kulkin, President & Managing Partner