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Are You Dreaming?

Goals and objectives get a whole lot of attention this time of year. Companies create new revenue objectives; individuals resolve to do something differently. This oversimplifies things a bit, but you get the general idea. The New Year is the time to initiate change, raise the bar, create new challenges, make things happen. Companies decide […]

Three Easy Steps to Leadership Oblivion

With so much research available extolling the financial benefits of creating a workplace focused on employee engagement, you would think the idea would catch on rather quickly. I would expect to see more CEOs demanding leadership training for management personnel, and I would expect the development of high-performance workplace cultures to receive much more attention. […]

Why Your Employees Are Miserable

So, I recently came across an article by Steve Tobak entitled “7 Signs You May Be a Bad Manager.” Good article. Good observations. In fact, one of Steve’s observations immediately caught my attention: One thing most bad managers have in common is they’re not consciously aware that they’re bad managers. And if they are aware […]