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Quit Making Sales Calls

That’s right, if you want to hit your numbers this year, quit making sales calls. What a colossal waste of time. First off, sales calls aren’t even SALES calls; they are “office-visits-where-I-complete-some-menial-task-that-makes-me-feel-like-I’m-doing-something-valuable-and-give-me-something-to-write-on-my-call-report” calls. Ask salespeople about their “sales calls” and you get answers like this: I dropped off our new brochure. I followed up on […]

What Social Media Isn’t

Social media has become a serious tool for the successful sales professional. Clearly, if you intend to compete at the top levels of the sales profession, you must know how to use one-to-one marketing and connectivity to your advantage. Last week, Jim Keenan ( released the results of a survey that reinforces this conclusion. In […]

Lessons Learned – An Adventure in Real Estate

Have companies completely eliminated sales training? Do individual salespeople even care about their own success? My wife and I became interested in a residential foreclosure property last week. For various reasons, we thought it was a property we might use, so I decided to call and get some information. I found the property online and […]