Clients Rave!

What Clients Are Saying:

a1588Kelly has been working with our firm for about a year and half. Hired to work with our senior leadership, he has been working with us to improve communication and internal process efficiency through implementation of his 1-on-1 Management program. Kelly is an expert at finding the root cause of problems and developing a plan of attack to fix them. His honest, no-nonsense approach is tailored to our business. He coaches and communicates in a way that participants understand. I recommend Kelly for executive coaching for firms looking to improve communication and internal processes.”

Adam Kilbourne, CPSM, Director of Marketing at Tec, Inc.

“Kelly worked with our management team over a period of eighteen months. His 1-on-1 Management® training curriculum was a key factor in increasing the number of engaged employees at Wallace Engineering by 28% in that time frame. This improvement resulted in the recognition of Wallace Engineering by PSMJ and The Employee Engagement Group as one of the top five companies in the A/E/C industry in ‘Tying Employee Engagement to Financial Performance’ in 2012. We heartily recommend Kelly to any company wishing to positively impact their company’s employee engagement”

Tom Hendrick, COO, Wallace Engineering 

“I have worked in companies in many industries, including Fortune 100 firms, and have never had an outside partner who could understand and unlock the inner DNA of an organization like Kelly. He cuts through the clutter, gets to the heart of the matter, and helps unlock the potential of an organization. Kelly is a refreshing change, and a partner who can help a firm be all it can be.”

M. Johnson, CMO, Lane Construction

“Kelly Riggs knows how to captivate, educate and inspire an audience in the creation of a culture of excellence in sales. I have had the pleasure of attending his presentations at small company venues, professional organizations, and large national conferences. He is a dynamic, energetic, and engaging speaker and his messages are timely and relevant to the specific audience. As president of a marketing organization I sought Kelly out to speak at our national convention, and he has since been asked back by our organization several times, and is consistently ranked by attendees as one of the best speakers on marketing and sales in the country.”

D. Birkes, VP Business Development, Flintco

“Thanks for presenting at our managers’ Spring Meeting. Everyone loved your presentation! It was informative and inspiring. Feedback has been stellar! It really helped kick off what we’re trying to accomplish this year!

Leah Martilla, Manager of Training & Development, Lane Corporation

“I saw Kelly present at the (2010) SMPS National Conference in Boston on competitive advantage. I’d put it up there among the best I’ve seen. Practical advice, good reminders, great examples and the kick in the pants we all need from time to time…!”

C. Malicki Principal and V.P. Marketing, SSOE Group

“First of all, thanks for a GREAT program… The evaluations were simply OUTSTANDING and I continue to get rave reviews on your program. It wasn’t just a “home run,” it was a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN!!!!!”

J. Sullins, President & CEO, ACEC Oklahoma

“What a motivator! Kelly’s training was both informative and inspiring. He did an excellent job of tailoring his presentation to our industry and shared valuable information that will assist us in mastering our skills. His knowledge of sales practices is priceless. I would highly recommend Kelly to any organization.”

Kerry Hope, Program Director, OAPC