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“Thanks for presenting at our managers’ Spring Meeting. Everyone loved your presentation! It was informative and inspiring. Feedback has been stellar! It really helped kick off what we’re trying to accomplish this year!

Leah Martilla, Manager of Training & Development, Lane Corporation


Quit Whining and Start SELLING!


Have you ever noticed that when a salesperson wins a sale, it’s because he or she is good at what they do, BUT, when they lose a sale, it’s because the economy stinks? Or the company’s marketing isn’t very good. Or, the product needs to be updated. Or some other nonsense. The reality is that most salespeople are average simply because they don’t have some of the critical skills salespeople MUST possess in order to succeed. In this presentation, you will discover three critical skills every successful salesperson must have. (Audience: Business Owners, CEOs, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Business Development Professionals, and Salespeople of every kind).

Coaching for Leaders: How to Transform Potential into Performance

Harold Geneen said, “Words are words…but only performance is reality.” The question is, how do you get the very best from your employees? How do you transform potential into performance? Without question, coaching skills are critical, just as they are in any sport. Yet, the one crippling issue common to organizations of all sizes and complexities is the unwillingness or inability to address performance issues. Organizations don’t know how to create accountability, and the evidence is typically found in failed or failing performance management systems. In this presentation, you will discover the keys to employee coaching and performance improvement, and learn how they relate to the all-important concept of employee engagement. (Audience: Executives and Managers at all levels)

The Art of Focus: How Clarity in Thinking Leads to Killer Performance

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”

Can success really be defined in such simple terms? It appears so. In fact, success is often as dependent upon what you choose not to do as what you ultimately decide to pursue. Pay close attention and you will see that, in business, or sports, or the performing arts, or life in general, the common thread in success is FOCUS. It is what allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. In this presentation, Kelly will present the 5 Laws of Focus that world-class performers use consistently to create success in any endeavor; five principles that you can put to work immediately to improve your own performance. (Audience: CEOs, Business Owners, Corporate Executives, HR Executives, Managers at all levels)

Winning Business in a Losing Economy: 4 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

In the current soft economy, leaders face hard choices: how to sustain or increase market share, how to create a competitive edge, how to adapt to a rapidly moving target – even how to survive. These issues demand immediate attention, but, unfortunately, the solutions are often difficult to find because the problems are systemic; i.e., they are ingrained into the leadership practices of companies that have previously relied almost exclusively on technical competence for their success. In this presentation, you will discover the four critical areas company leadership must address in order to create stability, unlock innovation, and provide the potential to successfully deal with the many challenges currently facing. (Audience: CEOs, Business Owners, Corporate Executives, Executive Sales Managers)


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