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I’m in Management, Not Sales

“I’m a manager, not a salesperson.” Seriously? You have never attempted to persuade someone to your point-of-view? To make a change? To go in a different direction? “Well of course I have, but that’s not sales. I’m not asking people for money.” [Add the appropriate look of disgust.] I’ve had this dialogue more than a […]

Are You Dreaming?

Goals and objectives get a whole lot of attention this time of year. Companies create new revenue objectives; individuals resolve to do something differently. This oversimplifies things a bit, but you get the general idea. The New Year is the time to initiate change, raise the bar, create new challenges, make things happen. Companies decide […]

Leadership Fatigue

Is there any doubt that leadership is exhausting? Dealing with constant deadlines. Changing priorities. Difficult personnel. And conflict – with employees, other managers, customers. In fact leadership means you’re always up. Always on stage. Always under scrutiny. Without question, the mental and emotional effort involved in leadership can be very tiring. As a leader, you’ve […]