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The One Skill That Great Salespeople Can Teach Managers

As a manager – unless, of course, you’re a SALES manager – you probably don’t feel much connection with salespeople. It’s unlikely that you’re wandering over to the sales department looking for insights into management or leadership. In fact, if you’re like most people, you have a certain aversion to selling, and the last person […]

The Classic Symptom of a Bad Manager

At least two articles have crossed my path this past week that identify the signs of a “bad” manager. First, the American Management Association reprinted an article entitled,  “Seven Signs You May Be a Bad Manager,” and then the Wall Street Journal recently published, “Five Signs You’re a Bad Boss.” Twelve indicators that you’re not […]

Four Mistakes That Will Torpedo Your Leadership

Managers make mistakes. Oh yes, I know this may come as a complete shock to some managers, but it is true nevertheless -  the perfect manager exists only in his (or her) own mind. Which means, of course, that even good managers will drop the ball on occasion. The thing is, there are mistakes and […]