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Training? You Don’t Need No Stinking Training!

“Good luck!” Who doesn’t love to hear those words? Typically, these are words of encouragement. Joyful, even enthusiastic; designed to leave someone with pleasant feelings about the future. They are not, however, designed to be the two words that describe the sum total of a company’s training program. Really. Back in the late 80s when […]

Rate Yourself on These Critical Competencies

Annual reviews are designed as a part of an overall performance management process. During the typical annual review, managers are usually assessed in a number of mission-critical competencies. Unfortunately, though well-intentioned, the typical review contains a number of flaws. First, adequate training in assessment areas is not always forthcoming. In fact, specific competencies are not […]

Which Part of “Communication” Don’t You Understand?

How important is it for a manager to be an effective communicator in the workplace? The most recent data suggests that, for corporate recruiters looking to hire for management positions, communication skills rank at the top of the list of core competencies managers need in the workplace: Good communication skills outrank other core business competencies […]