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3 Steps to Creating Sales-Winning Credibility

One of the big challenges that any salesperson faces is establishing credibility with a new prospect. If a prospect doesn’t know you or your company, that prospect must become convinced of three very important things: 1) Making a change in suppliers is worth the hassle involved, 2) Your proposed solution will meet the company’s needs […]

10 Sure-Fire “Deal-Killers”

Over the years, I’ve learned that there are certain things a salesperson can do that can be fatal to winning a sale. Mostly because I’ve done them. Many times. [I’m not hopeless, but I am slow.] Turns out, however, it’s not just me; most every salesperson makes these same mistakes – over and over. So, […]

Sales Presentations: Style or Content?

What does it take to put together an effective sales presentation? Before you answer, consider what I am asking. What, exactly, does “effective” mean? For me, it means one thing and one thing only: I get the sale. I really get very little satisfaction out of someone telling me how great my presentation was if […]