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The One Skill That Great Salespeople Can Teach Managers

As a manager – unless, of course, you’re a SALES manager – you probably don’t feel much connection with salespeople. It’s unlikely that you’re wandering over to the sales department looking for insights into management or leadership. In fact, if you’re like most people, you have a certain aversion to selling, and the last person […]

Tell Me What You Think (But Not Really)

Leadership experts believe that an effective leader should be open to dissent or differing opinions. Jim Collins, for example, said the following in Good to Great: “Leadership is about vision – but it is equally important to create a climate where truth is heard and brutal facts are confronted.” In other words, a good leader […]

Three Easy Steps to Leadership Oblivion

With so much research available extolling the financial benefits of creating a workplace focused on employee engagement, you would think the idea would catch on rather quickly. I would expect to see more CEOs demanding leadership training for management personnel, and I would expect the development of high-performance workplace cultures to receive much more attention. […]