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Which is Worse: No Communication or Bad Communication?

Communication makes the world go ’round. Nowhere is that more true than in the corporate world, where everything is better when people are communicating effectively and consistently. It stands to reason that ‘no communication’ is the death knell for any organization, but what does ‘bad communication’ do to a company? Is it worse than no […]

I’m in Management, Not Sales

“I’m a manager, not a salesperson.” Seriously? You have never attempted to persuade someone to your point-of-view? To make a change? To go in a different direction? “Well of course I have, but that’s not sales. I’m not asking people for money.” [Add the appropriate look of disgust.] I’ve had this dialogue more than a […]

The Classic Symptom of a Bad Manager

At least two articles have crossed my path this past week that identify the signs of a “bad” manager. First, the American Management Association reprinted an article entitled,  “Seven Signs You May Be a Bad Manager,” and then the Wall Street Journal recently published, “Five Signs You’re a Bad Boss.” Twelve indicators that you’re not […]