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Tell Me What You Think (But Not Really)

Leadership experts believe that an effective leader should be open to dissent or differing opinions. Jim Collins, for example, said the following in Good to Great: “Leadership is about vision – but it is equally important to create a climate where truth is heard and brutal facts are confronted.” In other words, a good leader […]

Why Your Employees Are Miserable

So, I recently came across an article by Steve Tobak entitled “7 Signs You May Be a Bad Manager.” Good article. Good observations. In fact, one of Steve’s observations immediately caught my attention: One thing most bad managers have in common is they’re not consciously aware that they’re bad managers. And if they are aware […]

A Simple Leadership Template

“Leadership” and “simple” probably don’t go together very well in the same sentence. Who in their right mind would believe that leadership is simple? The challenge, however, is in training a new leader – where do you start? Take a quick peek at Amazon – one might start with one of over 60,000 books on […]