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Trade Shows: A Waste of Money or What?

Companies generally exhibit at industry trade shows because they sense an opportunity to get in front of a lot of potential customers in a short period of time. “Sure,” they say to themselves, “it’s expensive, but we’ll get to see lots of decision makers that we normally can’t get in front of.” Uh huh. Sure […]

Selling to The ‘Attention Economy’

Today, buyers can find out everything – about almost anything – on the Internet. In fact, the Internet, in many ways, has become the great equalizer – creating enormous competition and changing the way entire industries conduct business. Not only can customers’ research companies and their products, they are also deluged with information from a […]

The Subtle Art of Follow-up

Here is an important question: What happens after you close a deal? In many cases you’ve worked for weeks or even months to secure a piece of business – a process that likely included several meetings, a number of presentations, and a host of follow-up calls before you finally hit the goal line and heard […]