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3 Steps to Creating Sales-Winning Credibility

One of the big challenges that any salesperson faces is establishing credibility with a new prospect. If a prospect doesn’t know you or your company, that prospect must become convinced of three very important things: 1) Making a change in suppliers is worth the hassle involved, 2) Your proposed solution will meet the company’s needs […]

Make Time, or Pay the Price

The single most common complaint heard from salespeople is, “I don’t have enough time.” Well, except for the one about not closing enough sales. Or the one about the economy being so bad. OK, so maybe it’s the third most common complaint… But, truth be told, salespeople are typically so busy fighting fires that they […]

Try Working Backwards

It seems like every company and every salesperson talks about “putting the customer first.” If only it were true. To be sure, there are many companies (and salespeople) that actually walk the ‘customer first’ walk, but most simply display a catchy customer slogan while pursuing whatever policies or business practices are most beneficial to themselves, […]