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Which is Worse: No Communication or Bad Communication?

Communication makes the world go ’round. Nowhere is that more true than in the corporate world, where everything is better when people are communicating effectively and consistently. It stands to reason that ‘no communication’ is the death knell for any organization, but what does ‘bad communication’ do to a company? Is it worse than no […]

Three Easy Steps to Leadership Oblivion

With so much research available extolling the financial benefits of creating a workplace focused on employee engagement, you would think the idea would catch on rather quickly. I would expect to see more CEOs demanding leadership training for management personnel, and I would expect the development of high-performance workplace cultures to receive much more attention. […]

Four Mistakes That Will Torpedo Your Leadership

Managers make mistakes. Oh yes, I know this may come as a complete shock to some managers, but it is true nevertheless -  the perfect manager exists only in his (or her) own mind. Which means, of course, that even good managers will drop the ball on occasion. The thing is, there are mistakes and […]