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The Fallibility of Results

What is the defining characteristic of an effective leader? That is, what is that “one thing” that causes you to say about someone, “That person is a leader.” What do you observe? I’m sure this question will produce a laundry list of responses. He or she is: confident, decisive, commanding, persuasive, responsive, charismatic, transparent, caring, […]

Leadership Fatigue

Is there any doubt that leadership is exhausting? Dealing with constant deadlines. Changing priorities. Difficult personnel. And conflict – with employees, other managers, customers. In fact leadership means you’re always up. Always on stage. Always under scrutiny. Without question, the mental and emotional effort involved in leadership can be very tiring. As a leader, you’ve […]

3 Secrets to Becoming a Better Manager – Right Now

I think people would agree that becoming a great manager requires a certain amount of time. Very few people are thrust into a management position and then do it exactly right, avoiding the myriad of challenges and speed bumps that inevitably confront those who lead employees. No, it takes time to develop critical leadership skills. […]