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Why Your Employees Are Miserable

So, I recently came across an article by Steve Tobak entitled “7 Signs You May Be a Bad Manager.” Good article. Good observations. In fact, one of Steve’s observations immediately caught my attention: One thing most bad managers have in common is they’re not consciously aware that they’re bad managers. And if they are aware […]

Four Mistakes That Will Torpedo Your Leadership

Managers make mistakes. Oh yes, I know this may come as a complete shock to some managers, but it is true nevertheless -  the perfect manager exists only in his (or her) own mind. Which means, of course, that even good managers will drop the ball on occasion. The thing is, there are mistakes and […]

“Grit”: An Important Hiring Predictor

As a manager, I’m sure you could make a list of traits – in addition to applicable job skills – that any employee must possess in some quantity to be successful: things like intelligence, responsibility, initiative, attention to detail, ability to learn – you get the idea. But what about “grit?” Is it important to […]