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The Myth of Great Quality and Top-Notch Service

It never fails. Salespeople simply don’t realize how poorly they represent their products. They fail to understand that, from the first words that come out of their mouths, they are usually undermining their ability to capture their prospect’s imagination. More importantly, they are giving away margin! How? By failing to understand the concept of differentiation […]

Is Old-School Selling Old News?

After a recent presentation I made to a group of business development people, someone made a comment about “old-school selling.” Which got me to thinking: Is there a new school of selling? Has “old-school” selling gone the way of the one-room school house? Is “old-school” selling old news? One thing is for sure, salespeople and […]

How Bad Does Your Sales Presentation Suck?

Here’s the thing: the odds are really good that your sales presentation sucks. Please don’t be offended – I don’t mean that the presentation is not well thought out or you didn’t work hard on it. What I mean is that your prospects are not impressed, for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s just…well….plain […]