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Are Your People Rowing in the Same Direction?

It has become so commonplace that it almost seems like an odd week when I don’t have a bad experience at a restaurant. Surprisingly, it rarely has anything to do with the food. Usually, it’s poor service. Or indifference. Or both. Last weekend, my wife and I traveled to St. Louis to visit kids and […]

Four Mistakes That Will Torpedo Your Leadership

Managers make mistakes. Oh yes, I know this may come as a complete shock to some managers, but it is true nevertheless -  the perfect manager exists only in his (or her) own mind. Which means, of course, that even good managers will drop the ball on occasion. The thing is, there are mistakes and […]

A Simple Leadership Template

“Leadership” and “simple” probably don’t go together very well in the same sentence. Who in their right mind would believe that leadership is simple? The challenge, however, is in training a new leader – where do you start? Take a quick peek at Amazon – one might start with one of over 60,000 books on […]