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Lessons Learned – An Adventure in Real Estate

Have companies completely eliminated sales training? Do individual salespeople even care about their own success? My wife and I became interested in a residential foreclosure property last week. For various reasons, we thought it was a property we might use, so I decided to call and get some information. I found the property online and […]

The Right Questions

What’s missing from most sales calls? The right questions. Knowledge is paramount in creating the opportunity to win a sale. In fact, although a number of factors will ultimately influence the outcome of a sale – key relationships, reputation, personal credibility, solution capabilities and others – it is almost always true that the person with […]

Is Old-School Selling Old News?

After a recent presentation I made to a group of business development people, someone made a comment about “old-school selling.” Which got me to thinking: Is there a new school of selling? Has “old-school” selling gone the way of the one-room school house? Is “old-school” selling old news? One thing is for sure, salespeople and […]