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Lessons Learned – An Adventure in Real Estate

Have companies completely eliminated sales training? Do individual salespeople even care about their own success? My wife and I became interested in a residential foreclosure property last week. For various reasons, we thought it was a property we might use, so I decided to call and get some information. I found the property online and […]

10 Sure-Fire “Deal-Killers”

Over the years, I’ve learned that there are certain things a salesperson can do that can be fatal to winning a sale. Mostly because I’ve done them. Many times. [I’m not hopeless, but I am slow.] Turns out, however, it’s not just me; most every salesperson makes these same mistakes – over and over. So, […]

The Subtle Art of Follow-up

Here is an important question: What happens after you close a deal? In many cases you’ve worked for weeks or even months to secure a piece of business – a process that likely included several meetings, a number of presentations, and a host of follow-up calls before you finally hit the goal line and heard […]