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When They Can’t Do Without You

Being needed is a good feeling – if you’re talking about personal relationships. But, if you’re the boss, it can create all kinds of problems.  Like 14-hour days, and unused vacation, and employee dependency.  When the troops can’t do without you life can get pretty complicated, and performance is necessarily going to suffer – either […]

Are Your People Rowing in the Same Direction?

It has become so commonplace that it almost seems like an odd week when I don’t have a bad experience at a restaurant. Surprisingly, it rarely has anything to do with the food. Usually, it’s poor service. Or indifference. Or both. Last weekend, my wife and I traveled to St. Louis to visit kids and […]

What is Your Culture Worth?

Simple question: Do employees tend to do better work in a demanding workplace culture that is positive, encouraging, and empowering, or will they do better work in a demanding workplace that is negative, critical, and constricting? Notice that in either cases the workplace environment is demanding; i.e., expectations for performance are high, employees are accountable […]